Help Us Launch The Dreams Network

Everyone has a Dream…

It’s that inner “knowing” that God created you to accomplish something truly significant for Him, and for His glory.

It’s those unexpected moments when you feel totally engaged, completely focused, and fully alive in what you are doing.

It’s that “puzzle picture” in your heart that grows ever more clearer with each new prophetic piece He puts in place.

And every time you glimpse that vision, you ache for it to come true.

For years, my personal dream has been to serve God’s people by helping them see and experience their dream coming true.  And it’s been an amazing privilege to work with so many, both individually and in small group settings… to be there for those “aha” moments and to see the joy that erupts when destiny begins to unfold.

Everyone needs encouragement…

Living your dream or destiny doesn’t happen automatically. Though our loving heavenly Father has made everything we need freely available, the journey toward fulfillment requires much wisdom, commitment, and support. I’m sure you’ve discovered, as I have, that it’s just too difficult to “go it alone.”

So here’s my question:

What if there was an online resource where you could view live and on-demand video programs designed to help you gain clarity on your dream, get strategies for overcoming obstacles, and receive prophetic wisdom and encouragement to reach your goal?

And what if you could ask questions, get answers and feedback, have your dreams interpreted, and interact with others who are also on their journey?

Introducing: The Dreams Network

Over the past year the Lord spoke to me prophetically through a very seasoned, highly anointed prophet that I am called to produce video programming for the body of Christ that will honor and welcome the supernatural power of God to transform lives and expand His kingdom.

I then discovered during this time that my friend and ministry colleague Gary Fishman has also received several similar words over his life.

Well, we put two and two together and realized God was calling us to partner in the creation and establishment of an internet media channel, The Dreams Network.

God’s Vision for you will always scare you…

Why?  Because it’s way bigger than anything you can handle in your own strength! If your vision doesn’t scare you, it just means you haven’t seen the whole thing yet.

And that’s how I feel about the Dreams Network.  This thing is so huge, I know it cannot happen without God being in it and through it from the start.  I also know it cannot happen without the support of the family of God.

So Gary and I are asking for your help.

Here are our needs:

Prayer. I know this is pretty obvious, but we truly need your prayer support. And if you feel God is giving you an assignment to intercede for this project, please let us know.

Technical Assistance.  If you have experience with video, video editing, WordPress, social media, graphics, etc., and would like to get in on the ground floor of this launch, please let us know.

Financial support. (You knew this was coming, eh?) But honestly, our challenge right now is obtaining the equipment we need to produce world-class video for live streaming and on-demand. We’re believing God for at least $2,000 to cover these initial expenses.

Your tax-deductible gift of any size will be so helpful, and it’s very easy to donate online here:

Or you can mail a check to Kingdom Training Institute, 69 Myrtle St., Cranford NJ 07016

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to talk about the project, (848) 628-4010.

Thanks so much for reading…