Was Super Bowl 51 a Prophetic Sign from God?

Super Bowl 51 is being hailed as the most stunning post-season comeback in NFL history. Down by 25 points with just 4 minutes to go, the New England Patriots, led by QB Tom Brady, put on a tour-de-force against the Atlanta Falcons, that resulted in their tying up the game at 28 with seconds remaining, Then, in the first overtime session in Super Bowl history, the Patriots won the toss and marched down the field to score the winning touchdown in a matter of minutes.

The Patriots looked to have zero chance that late in the game, yet managed to pull off a win that was nothing short of miraculous.

Could God be sending America a message?

Patriots are those who love their country… people who will work hard and sacrifice so that it will be as successful as possible in all areas and for all who live there. What if God is speaking through this year’s remarkable football game to encourage us that He is indeed pouring out mercy and grace in this late hour of our history, so we can once again see the full potential of our great country released again, to be a blessing for the whole world?

This has little to do with politics, and everything to do with something called stewardship.