What is “The Dreams Network?”

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Our Vision

  • To be a global resource for the body of Christ, that inspires, equips, trains, and empowers God’s people to discover, pursue, and manifest the “God-dream” each one has been given.
  • To raise up a generation that will boldly impact, influence, and transform the world around them through the blessings their manifested dream will release upon all they will serve.
  • To see our Father God receive all the glory He deserves through millions of His children fully living out the destiny for which they were created.

Our Mission

To provide world-class video programs that are globally accessible, in the following areas:

  • Understanding dreams
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • How to manifest a dream
  • Interviews with people who have experienced their dream manifesting
  • Interviews with well known thought leaders
  • Kingdom-focused Bible teaching
  • Kingdom-focused news analysis and prophetic exhortation
  • Training workshops and classes in all related areas